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installing NBU on win master servers

Created: 20 Sep 2012 • Updated: 21 Sep 2012 | 8 comments
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When i install win master server on a client i get a option of additional servers.

What are those? What do they do?

And the difference between this and when i go to host properties-master server-servers-additional servers.

What is the difference between these two?

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Have you tried to find the answer in Installation Guide for Windows?


Additional Servers:

Enter the names of any additional NetBackup master
servers and media servers that you want to
communicate with this server. Include the names of
computers where you plan to install NetBackup later.
To enter more than one name, separate each name
with a comma or press Enter after each name.
You can also include machine where you plan to install Windows Admin Console.
You can compare this with SERVER and MEDIA_SERVER entries in bp.conf on Unix/Linux:
Additional Servers is the same as SERVER that has full Admin rights - same as the master server
MEDIA_SERVER has backup rights, cannot change NBU settings such as policies, Storage Units, etc.

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This is same as Additonal servers in host properties. You can add additonal servers(media servers) here.

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Windows Admin Console.

What does this does on client?I know the functionality of BAR gui on client.

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You are not actually installing NetBackup on any server at the moment, are you?

I'm sorry Marianne used the confusing term "Windows Admin Console" - try looking for "Windows Remote Administration Console" in the manuals and see if that clears it up for you.

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Yes .I am in the process of installing.I got that window of additional servers when i am installing master server on my windows client.

What that additional servers tab  basically do? If I add A and B client on that tab.What will happen?

I have read the manual.

Master server
Lists the additional servers that can access the server that is specified as Master
During installation, NetBackup sets the master server to the name of the system
where the server software is installed. NetBackup uses the master server value to
validate server access to the client. The master server value is also used to determine
which server the client must connect to so that files can be listed and restored.
To configure access to a remote server, add to the server list the name of the host
seeking access.
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It adds the server as an entry in either bp. conf or the registry if windows. eg

The windows admin, console is the gui that you log into.
Perhaps you have only used the java gui, the remote admin console is similar, but but I think much better.

If you install the admin console on a server or even pc, you have to add the name of the machine it is installed on as a SERVER entry on the master server.


Regards,  Martin
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That is what I tried to explain earlier...

That Additional Servers is the same as SERVER entries in bp.conf with full Admin rights in NBU environment.

Media servers - same as MEDIA_SERVER entries in bp.conf that can backup clients - no Admin rights.

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