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Installing Netbackup client alongside "passive" server software

Created: 11 Oct 2012 | 2 comments


Right, A bit of background on our setup/environment............................

Production Site : Linux master server with both the NBU 7.0.1 installation and database on SAN replicated LUNS.

DR Site : Linux master server (NO NETBACKUP INSTALLATION)

Failover process : Rename DR server, Mount the NBU installation and catalog through the DR LUNS. (This has been tried and tested so no issues here.)

Whilst the DR server is passive it will have a different name and no local netbackup installation. However we would like to backup the passive node as a client to ensure any host, patch or OS types changes are secured. If I install the client to a different location than that of which the server software will be mounted to will this continue to work OK if and when the passive node becomes the active master server.

All im expecting to happen is that the client element stops working as the server would have been renamed from ServerX-DR to ServerX

Hope that makes sense.



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Yes that looks fine, you can install the client at different path that of the production server.Once you have renamed the server and install the NBU it will work as Master server.

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Install client i /usr/openv - Once you need the host as a DR master server just move the /usr/openv directory before continuing with DR tasks.


mv /usr/openv /usr/openv.client

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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