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Installing NS 7 Agent on Open Solaris

Created: 06 Sep 2009
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Anyone install the NS 7 Agent on Open Solaris?  Have a potential client asking about Solaris support and trying to use Open Solaris to test things.

Getting an error that  I don't have enough disk space though this is the output for df -lh

jonathan@opensolaris:~$ df -lh
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
swap                  454M  304K  453M   1% /etc/svc/volatile
                      8.6G  2.9G  5.7G  34% /lib/
swap                  453M   16K  453M   1% /tmp
swap                  453M   52K  453M   1% /var/run
rpool/export          5.7G   21K  5.7G   1% /export
rpool/export/home     5.7G   21K  5.7G   1% /export/home
                      5.8G   50M  5.7G   1% /export/home/jonathan
rpool                 5.7G   81K  5.7G   1% /rpool
/hgfs                  16G  4.0M   16G   1% /hgfs

I do have enough disk space