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Installing packages via VOM

Created: 29 Aug 2012 • Updated: 02 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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we want to install several packages via VOM "Deployment Management".

e.g. the java GUI package for Solaris sparc. Is there a special naming convention or a dedicated foramt to upload and deploy a package?




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Can you please clarify that you wish to push third party applications with the Veritas Operations Manger (VOM) deployment option?

The documentation for VOM5 and VOM4 are all available online for the specific add-ons and guides for the product. Patches are downloadable within the product (Deployment Management page under Available Patches/Addons) and / or by collection from the Symantec Operations Readiness Tools site (select product, version and platform) and manual upload to the Repository via the wziard in the GUI.

The deployment is from the  Deployment Management page under Repository (install) to push out to clients installed using Host Management or installed locally as Managed Hosts (MH).

There is a specific format for the patches and Add-ons to be eligible to be loaded to the Repository or you will receive an error -Failure: Invalid format of the archive file

Note: altered display for space

There are approved Add-ons available and VOM is the mechanism to deploy them.

There is a finite list of product uses currently defined.

If you are just starting a design of your environment there are some planning guidelines available.

We do not currently support deploying third party applications to MH agents via the VOM console if that was the request.

I hope that clears up the applications uses.


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Further to your request, IF you are attempting to roll a third party application into a deployment there is an Add-on available that is close to what you desire.

Using the Distribution Manager an Administrator can create the formatted package to perform the type of install assumed above.

You would have Create added to the Action dropdown.

That may be what you are looking for.



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Hi Bjorn,

Currently VOM only supports VOM and VBS (VRTSvbs) native packages via the Deployment manager.

However there is a workaround for installing any arbitrary package on any supported MH platform. You might want to see if this suits the purpose.

Use the Distribution Manager Add-On to wrap the native package along with setup and unsetup Perl scripts into a .sfa file. This sfa file can be pushed to the target MHs and can install the wrapped package (or a bunch of packages together, as per needs).

You will have to write the and for each package/bunch of packages that you wrap. Both can be simple 1 line files - having the package install command and having the uninstall package command for that platform (in this case, Solaris).

The disclaimer is that VOM is not responsible for any bugs in the scripts written :-).

Also the assumption here is that the package installation will have to be silent, i.e. non-interactive. Or else all the parameters required for install should be able to be passed via the command line and consumed by the package install command.

BTW, you can generate a .sfa by hand as well, but using the Distribution Manager minimizes the chance of mistakes happening in the SFA creation process.