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Installing pgp locked me out of my windows 7 accounts

Created: 06 Mar 2011 | 1 comment

I'm running windows 7. I downloaded and installed pgp desktop trial, latest version, and restarted, as per instructions. After the restart, I was unable to log in to any of my accounts. The error message says that the login name or password is incorrect, on each of them, including the guest account which has no password whatsoever. I have an admin account, a user account, and the guest account. 

I have booted into safe mode and can run under safe mode. Installing pgp was the last thing I did before the problem happened. So it looks like the installation of pgp caused this. 

I tried to uninstall pgp while in safe mode, but the error comes up saying that the uninstall feature of windows was not working for some official reason. 

Can I just go into the program files and delete pgp or will that make it so I can't boot up at all?

Any clues? Pointers on what I should do next? I don't know windows very well. The only thing I can think of is the reinstall windows.

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Tom Mc's picture

Like most Windows software, it needs to be uninstalled rather than deleted.  I don't understand how installing PGP would cause such a problem - please reread the PGP Release Notes to see if you have some known conflict within your system.

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