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Insufficient Permission to Access Mail Security for Exchange

Created: 11 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

Upon attempting to open the management console for Symantec Mail Security for Exchange I receive the following error: "You either have insufficient permissions to access this application or your user credentials are not refreshed. Try logging off and logging in again to reload the user credentials."

To get a couple obvious things out of the way:

I am logged in as the administrator account to a server running Microsoft Exchange 2010 that is connected to our domain controller. I have confirmed this connection is active and working.

We have no issues with our Active Directory on any other application/computers.

The SMSMSE Admins and Viewers users are created in the AD and I have at this point given them practically every possible permission available on our network.

I have already gone through Symantec Tech Support and was left without a solution.

Now, I have reinstalled the software multiple times, cleared out the old users in the AD to create fresh ones, and have changed permission around all without success. I am hoping someone out there can atleast give me a fresh set of eyes for a solution to this problem. Since this has started (Late October) our virus definitions and spam filters have not been updating and spam is getting through to our email accounts.

I have gone through pretty much every article in the Support section here pertaining to this problem. Feel free to toss any possible solutions my way, at this point I don't mind trying something twice.

Thank you.

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What OS do you run on your domain controller? Server 2012?

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Yes, we are running Windows Server 2012 on the Domain Controller.

The mail server is running Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2 with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

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A few updates:

I have seem to gotten a little further into the software but still have an error. I uninstalled the software and removed the SMSMSE Admins and Viewers accounts from the AD. I then reinstalled the software and used the Administrator account as the permissions account (we had been using a service account). I am now able to open the software after installation but now receive the following error once the console is open:

"Access is denied. User in unauthorized or has limited rights on server."

When I navigate through the console I receive this error on every pane. The Administrator account is a member of SMSMSE Admins and Viewers.

Through some research I discovered discussion of a problem with installing the software over RDC. Our mail server is run in a virtual environment using HyperV, is this possibly the problem?

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No, Hyper-V is not the problem.

Please see this thread:

I think you have the same problem. You could try to install the admin console on a server running Windows Server 2012.