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Integrate incrementals from two different servers but same job fileset. Possible?

Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 3 comments


The situation is the following:

1. Initial backup of a WAN client (Windows SBS 2008 / ~450 GB data in two volumes) was done using *Windows Image Backup* to an external HD.

2. Restored the WIB to a test virtual machine in the vSphere cluster.

3. FULL backup of D: and G: (450 GB data) to this virtual machine was done with BE 2012 (Windows Agent installed)

What I am trying to achieve here is the ability to *perform incremental* from FULL backup to the original WAN client using Backup Exec 2012.

I know Bacula can do it by simply redefining the name of the client to be backup but keeping the same fileset. Is there a similar approach or method with BE 2012?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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No.  BE does not have this facility.

If you are using a dedup folder, you can seed the dedup folder with your full backup to reduce the blocks that would be transfered over the WAN link, but you would still need to do the full backup from the remote server before you can do any incremental backups.

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Thanks pkh.

Is there any other workaround available? Very surprised BE doesn't have this capability yet. 

Full backup of 450 GB over WAN (low latency ~8 ms) is not feasible with the current client connectivity. 

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Unfortunately, no.  If you have dedup at both ends then you can use optimised duplication between the two dedup folders.  This way only the changed data blocks get sent over the WAN, thus minimising bandwidth requirements.