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Integrating DLP 11.5 Client in a master image

Created: 19 Apr 2013 | 6 comments
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I need a procedure to integrate DLP 11.5 Client in a Master image workstation (Windows 7 and XP) as well as a VDI client.
This is required for the installation of a physical extension mode is not the same on a Master.
I remember a master is a single image that can be installed on the physical positions but is prepared in advance and includes software / desktop utilities including DLP agent. Symantec has a procedure for antivirus SEP in this direction and it must be the same for DLP client.
N.B :
I'm looking for near-side agent DLP required as deleting some registry keys to prevent duplicate IDs.
Thank you for your help.
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are you using system center or altiris to deploy the images now? or are you trying to do this via gold disk?

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The tool used is "MDT 2010" for microsoft, What I want is the near-side agent DLP required as deleting some registry keys to prevent duplicate IDs

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Not familiar with MDT Microsoft deployment toolkit, thought it integrated with System Center not a stand alone product. 

Give this a try i know it works for SEP.

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The DLP agent is not like the Symantec AV agents. There is NO unique ID that is associated to the DLP agents.

The DLP agents register themselves with the Endpoint Servers that are defined when the agent is first installed. The agent registers itself with the Endpoint Servers using its HOSTNAME. So if the imaged OS connects to an Endpoint Server it will use the Hostname at that time. If you change the hostname afterwards, you will see 2 new registered agents in the UI. So this means if there is ever 2 hostnames that are the same you will have some issues.

So if you install the agent as part of the image, just make sure you go through the process of initiating the Windows OS and change the hostname. Pretty straight forward.

Keep in mind that this is very easy AS long as every agent is going to connect to the same ENDPOINT SERVER. If you plan on customizing whch Endpoint Server the agent will communicate with you can do this in 2 different ways.

  1. Change the hostname of the endpoint and let it connect to the default Endpoint Server. Then go to the Enforce UI and change the Endpoint Server from the agent overview page.
  2. The other option is to use the Agent tools to try and change the Endpoint Servers using a customized command.

I would try and do option 1 when possible. You can have an Endpoint Server that you use just for staging this newly imaged endpoints, then move them to the production Endpoint Servers.

Another option is to use locally resolved DNS to just have all endpoints point to "" and this name automatically is resolved to the closest Endpont Server via DNS.

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Thank's DLP Solution,

I will try to test the procedure and I inform you after.

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Thanks Ronak

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