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Intel Buys McAfee, could Symantec be next?

Created: 19 Aug 2010 | 11 comments

I thought it was interesting that a chipmaker has purchased McAfee. This is a copy cat industry and I wonder if Symantec could be next.... maybe AMD?

Anyways Symantec better stay on top of their game and not let up. Intel's power and cash could really create even more competition. I wonder if Intel is planning to integrate some of their technology into their hardware?

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jjesse's picture

but why?  i don't understand the reasoning behind this purchase.

Also Symantec is the 3rd largest software company, where did McAfee sit on this?  Is Symantec bigger then AMD?  

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

ShadowsPapa's picture

>>Intel Buys McAfee, could Symantec be next?<<

what - you mean Symantec buy Intel?

Intel wants to integrate security into the chips - that's the reasoning, imo

Vikram Kumar-SAV to SEP's picture

Most people might not know but  Symantec bought Antivirus from Intel..
Thats the reason in older versions in registry you will still see everything under Intel/Landesk and not under Symantec..its now changed in SEP.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

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Yes and for years we have asked Symantec to get away from Intel Landesk....

Anyways if Intel does this right and integrates the security technologies into hardware this could spell trouble for the software security vendors like Symantec, Trend, etc...

I see the need for Symantec to cross license their products to AMD at the very least to get hardware integration to compete with Intel.

teiva-boy's picture

Intel's vPro was supposed to have an embedded AV client in it, built right into the mainboard firmware on FLASH memory...  This never materialized as far as I know...  The thought was you could remotely connect via vPro, and do an offline scan of a systems HDD, without worry of infecting other machines.  Intel then, was going to leave it to the OEM's (Mcafee, Symantec, etc's of the world) to build into...  

I think strategically, this is a good move.  But it'll be years before a real product materializes.  Unitl then Symantec has got some time to come up with something.

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I here Symantec is about to be bought buy a industry giant.  It seems logical after Mcafee

ShadowsPapa's picture

symantec IS an industry giant. #3 software company if I have my stats correct. so 2 buy them would take a very big company - there's only 2 software companies bigger..................

VSK's picture

Symantec itself is the biggest industry leader.....with  more than 100  products......


Jason1222's picture

The only 2 with any interest to purchase would be Apple and Microsoft.

Both of which have no basis for doing so.

Microsoft invested in Sunbelt Vipre... if I am not mistaken.
And apple will just say it's not a Virus, it's just everybody "holding their mouse wrong when browsing the interweb".  LOL

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UFO's picture

I see that few months passed but no activity is seen from this 'alliance'.
Process of integration will take long time, so good opportunity for Symantec and other security companies to catch the moment! :)


Black Ops's picture

You are correct Volo.. They are currently going through the transition phase. Which is likely to be done soon and then the release of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6. As of now they already have McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.  Beta 2 availble.

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