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Intelligent Disaster Recovery Wizard not available

Created: 20 May 2013 | 6 comments


I need help finding the wizard for IDR.  I already installed it as a trial option and services were restarted but, the wizard does not appear in the tools menu / wizards.

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       IDR wizard should be right there.. 4th  down just under Policy Wizard... when you say that its not there are you saying that the option isnt selectable "Greyed out" or that the option isnt there all together?

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        Have you installed the IDR option? If not please do so by selecting tools/Install options and License keys on this media server then click next and populate the Intelligent disaster Recovery check box click next and finish. Once this is installed you will need to perform a full backup of the server to create a D.R. file then attempt to create an IDR disk

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What version of BE? - 2012 does not have IDR, it uses SDR instead. SDR only needs you to run a wizard, called "Create Disaster Recovery Disk" if the ISO you download from us does not work with your hardware.

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I believe you mentioned BE is installed as a trial version.  I am certain IDR is not available in the trial version of BE.

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IDR is available in the trial version of BE.BE 2010 - IDR.png

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 would you please clarify for us exactly what it is that youre dealing with. I know that you said that the IDR option does not appear... by this do you mean that it is Greyed out or do you mean that the option is not there at all. If it is there and just not accessible or greyed out please follow the instruction on my earlier post and report results. 

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