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Interactive services detection coming up ?

Created: 10 Oct 2013 • Updated: 10 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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Should I be concerned or ignore?

I have a 2012 all patched up BE server that when I go look to see how backups have been running the Windows Interactive Services Detection bring up a pop up window that says BE 2012 is having issues.

It refers to c:\Windows\system32\MsiExec.exe.

And says this problem occurs when a program is not fully compatible with Windows ?

This just stared recently and sometimes I can get it to open the view messages and sometimes not.

When I do it mentions how some jobs are waiting? Sometime trying to open that fails and I see a message saying windows could not access the message. A device attached to the system is not functioning.

All jobs appear to be running but curious why this comes up?

All services are running.



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Hello Mike, 

   If you would please let me know what the job logs from Backup Exec report? Are these jobs running successfully, failing or completing with exceptions? additionally have you tested a restore of any of the data youre backing up?

I hope this posting was helpful


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Sorry I tried to say how the backups appear to be fine according to the logs they are completing successfully.

And I just did a file restore and it restored no problem.

Did a file restore and to a new location and it worked.

And I don't remember exactly.  I am sure these started just recently.  And the only other think I know has changed is I upgraded DLO from 7.0 to 7.5SP1 on this same server.  

But the time I got the ISD message to show it mentioned backup jobs.

And I don't know what that file MsiExec.exe is related to BE or DLO?



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Hmmmm... Not to sure... sound like BE is up and running as it should be.. The MsiExec.exe is the windows installer and it would appear that something had an issue installing but if you werent running any updates or installs related to B.E. i wouldnt think that it would be related. Perhaps glancing at the event view may shed a bit of light on what ever it is that windows is trying to install

I hope this posting was helpful


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Ahh I see said the blind man ..  :)

Check those logs that typically never help me much.   lol

Well it shows live update failing to install hotfix 209149.

Tried to reinstall it and it failed again so going to reboot and try and install it again.

Have you heard of issues installing that hotfix ?



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Well after reboot I have not seen that come back up yet.   I have not re-tried to ilnstall that hotfix ..

I turned off the auto install updates and hotfixes function.  

I am new to this company and this is now one of my clients so I usually do not have the auto part of stuff like that turned on.

So glad you brought up those logs.   Should have looked through them before I got ahold of you.

Or at the least tried the 75%+ Microsoft fix and rebooted the server.   :)

Thanks for the help.