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Internal disk images

Created: 26 Sep 2013 | 2 comments

Hi all, 

Well, you might know about that about BE2012 not deleting old IMG/BKF files and then, you end up with your storage almost full of space waiting for BE to start DLM or whatever is called now. But nothing happens.

Ok, so I followed the KB about enabling "all media" on GUI and then I found some older, older, older b2d (October 2012) files there but... When I look for them on my DD620 they don't exist. 

Ok, so far, so good... on my DD got almost the same values on space.. I run the clean operation from there but nothing...

But then, I wondered... what if BE thinks they still exist and they don't? Is it possible that, by that, the storage metrics is always full? Does anyone how to remove those "internal disk images"?? I would like to try to see if there's any behavior on BE side regarding disk space. 

Men, it was so much better with the old schema of "media sets", you really have control there. 

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Well, just for the record I end up with almost 3 tb free after manually deleting some older BKF that weren't removed by BE. 

A second of your life, ruined for life.

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if you have been in the habit of manually deleting BKF files from your disk, this will not remove the from the BEDB (as references) and then when you turn on that ShowHiddenmedia reg key, then yes you will see the BKFs in Backup Exec as this exposes what the BEDB thinks you have not what you actually have. Even an inventory will not get rid of the BEDB records although should switch the media to offline status.

To tidy this up you have to delete the backup sets from within the BE console.

BTW if you delete from the BE console when the BKF still exists on disk then BE 2012 will remove the bkf file for you, as such using the console for housekeepping backup sets and not Windows Explorer is recommended.