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Internal License media kit?

Created: 07 Mar 2010 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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Hi, i am a registered SMB partner, ordered a few internal licenses and a few NFR, but strangely I know i cant order a media kit for NFR, but out of no where i get an email for a shipment of a media kit that I didnt place. That doesnt bother me, but is there a way I may place an order for another for a different license?  I only ask because I asked once before about media kits for NFR, and was told since its NFR i cant recive media kits. Hopefully you can see my confusion.


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Hmm... well i basicly found an answer:

if i use basic fileconnect url  i dont have the "Ship me a Cd" option
but if i go here

i do have the option for physical media.... is there a reason for this? 

Adam St. George
Bombshell Networks

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Hi Symantec Registered SMB Partner.  Sounds like a confusing situation for sure.  If you can, pleaes email and let us know how you ordered your internal site licenses and NFRs. If you did so through PartnerNet, we can review the order history and process and see where the issues may stem from.  Thanks!