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Internet Explorer 10 in 7.5

Created: 13 Nov 2013 • Updated: 13 Nov 2013 | 8 comments
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Is Internet Explorer 10 a supported browser for the 7.1 or 7.5 versions of Asset Management Suite, Client Management Suite, Server Management Suite, ITMS and/or ServiceDesk?  If it is not supported in 7.5, when does Symantec expect it to be supported?

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Specifically for managers, admins and workers using the Portal.

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When installing Client Management Suite 7.5, the readiness check states that the browser installed should be 7/8/9/10, but if reading the implementation manual for 7.5, only IE8 is supported, while IE9 is supported in compatibility mode.

I have both an installation of 7.1 SP2 and 7.5 running, and I have only found one minor thing that I can not do with IE10/11.

The one minor thing I was not able to do with IE10, was something with creating asset definitions in Asset Management, but I just used another computer to do that step in the creation of new asset types.

This does not mean that they are supported, but the different browserversions seem to work, at least for me.

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I use IE 10 fully and haven't found anything that doesn't work quite yet. I haven't had to create any new asset types in it but so dar so good. It should be noted that I also am running in compatibility mode.

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At the recent 7.5 Summit meeting in Utah, this question was raised and it was stated by the Symantec product managers that there were known issues with IE 10 even in compatibility view and admins should stick with IE9.  However, I do not recall hearing any specifics.  No dates were provided on when IE10 would be supported or when the long awaited browser independent console would become reality but this need was clearly communicated. 

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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Officially IE10/11 are not supported in 7.1/7.5. We are planing to make supportability of them in the next release.

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When you say "We are planing to make supportability of them in the next release," what release are you referring to?  Is there a date associated with it?

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The promise that IE 10 might be supported about the time MS comes out with IE 12 or 13 is not promising.  At the rate Symantec offers up new releases for this product that might be a year or two away. Java Updates seems to cause some chaos too. Surely there are some innovative folks there that can figure this stuff out without resorting to Java to begin with.

What about users using Windows 8? You know that new operating system release that is already over a year old? Based on how long it took 7.5 to be released. Windows 8 will be ~3yrs old before it is supported. Now thats staying ahead of the curve. Chrome support would be much appreciated too.

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Yeah, in further testing of the console with IE 10 I'm getting reports of other odd issues such as rendering of pages, scripts hanging and not running (such as trying to look up a cost center). It seems all over the board but at least it isn't too complicated to back to 9 if that's a possibility in your office. Browser independence is a must and would be a huge bonus!