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Internet Explorer Performance Issues with ServiceDesk 7.2

Created: 09 Jul 2012 • Updated: 08 Aug 2013 | 3 comments
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I am on the lookout for any information that might fix some performance issues we are seeing with Internet Explorer and ServiceDesk 7.2. Our environment has a good mix of IE browsers, predominately version 7 and above. We are working with a brand new SD install--about a week old now--and are noticing some significant performance issues when opening and working tickets, running reports, and even viewing reports. This is more than just issues with caching.

Chrome and Firefox work great, and they even render the reports quicker and with greater accuracy (i.e., don't compress all of the columns together). Is anyone else who is using ServiceDesk 7.2 experiencing issues with Internet Explorer? If so, have you investigated the issue and found anything out? IE is the choice of browsers for our environment, so it makes it a little tough telling people to go to something else.

Thanks for any info you may have.

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ProcessManager (the portal of ServiceDesk and Workflow) make heavy use of third party controls (Infragistics) to display reporting data. These webcontrols just seem to work "better" in FF/Chrome. The current Infragistics code we deliver is not the latest, and it has a lot of hotfixes (mostly for IE) thrown into it. We have a task in our pipeline to upgrade the Infragistics controls to hopefully alleviate some of the problems our IE users are having.

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reecardo, thanks for the explanation. Was the Infragistics code developed by Logicbase? Just trying to get a better understanding of the SD design.

Thanks for your quick response, too!

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Infragistics is completely a 3rd party, not developed by LogicBase (

It was likely a design decision made long ago that the cost of purchasing a use license for a flexible grid control was less expensive than developing and maintaing our own.