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Interpreting CatTools output

Created: 04 Oct 2012 • Updated: 07 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

CatTools looks like it could do the job, but the output needs to be manipulated into a better form.  I'm used NotePad++ to do the search and replaces listed below, but I could do with some help itentifying the column headers.  Some are obvious, but others would require a guess.  Is there a reference for these published that I'm missing?



"/>\r\n<ET FP="


" SZ="


" LB="


" AT="


" CT="


" MT="


" ST="


" AR="


" XA="


" IN="




" IIMG="


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pkh's picture

Unfortunately, no.  You would just have to guess what the headers are.  They should not matter to you if you just want to know what files are missing.

I would say

OST = the name of the OST file in the dedup folder

IMG = the name of the .img file in the B2D folder.

Steve KK's picture

Come on Symantec, what's the big secret?  You've given us this tool, but not all the information to use it properly.

This web page helps throw some light in the column titles, which are not documented.

FP           File Path

SZ           Size

LB           Logical Blocks? (LTO media uses 64KB block size by default, but this can be changed)

AT           Access Time

CT           Change Time

MT         Modify Time






IIMG      Appears to be an index number as the sequentially counts up from 0.