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to interrupt or no the decryption process ?

Created: 14 Nov 2012 | 4 comments

Hello , i am currently decrypting my 500GB hdd using the pgp recovery cd (version . 

According to the % progress the last few hours it will take at best , 6 days to decrypt . As this is my primary workstation i cannot afford to sit around for 6 days and wait for symantec to decrypt my hard disk .

If i interrupt this process (with a cold reboot maybe ?) Will i be able to access the partition or boot the operating system ?


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The documentation states that you must not stop decryption when it is being done by the WDE Recovery CD.  If you do, you will likely never be able to either access the disk's data or be able to otherwise complete the decryption.  I do know of at least one person who has been able to resume decryption after doing so, but I definitely would not purposely try this if the disk's data is of importance.  The six days to complete decryption is typical when using this slow 16 bit processing for the decryption.

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Hey Tom thanks for the update. Can i just recommened to put a warning with the estimate decryption time on the recovery CD. Is the least Symantec can do when is about to take a week from someone's job. When i started this i was told by my techinical support it will take about a day. Obvisouly this is not the case and i am not liking it at all.

Do you happen to know if it will it pick up speed on empty sectors ?

16 bit , 6 days and calling it typical ? This is the best Symantec could do ?

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In my experience, the speed will not improve.  This slower 16 bit processing is only when using the WDE Recovery CD for the decryption.  The mentioned one day for decryption must have been in relationship to you decrypting from PGP Desktop within the OS, or if you were using another machine with PGP installed.  Decryption time is also related to your hardware.

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I dont understand the reasoning in using 16-bit decryption but on the website where you download the image:

Caution: Once you have started to decrypt a disk or partition using a recovery disc or diskette, do not stop the decryption process. Depending on the size of the disk being decrypted, this process can take a long time. A faster way to decrypt the drive is to use another system that has the same version of PGP Desktop installed on it.

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