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Created: 01 May 2006 • Updated: 17 Mar 2009

Quite a few members have joined in the past couple of weeks. Here's a thread where you can introduce yourself. Include some information about the company for which you work, (if you are authorized to do so), and/or what sort of a business you are in, where you are located (geographically) how many servers and clients you audit with SecurityExpressions, what platforms you audit, how many separate locations you audit, some interesting fact about yourself or your interestes, and any other info you want to provide. Feel free to use what's below as a template.


Name / Handle:

Company (if authorized to disclose):

Business Description:

Your Geographic Location:

# of Locations being Audited:

Total # Servers Audited:

Total # Clients Audited:

Platforms being audited:




-Linux (incl. flavor):


Interesting fact (non-work-related) about you:

Other Information:

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