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Invalid DN Syntax

Created: 19 Aug 2011

We recently remove our user account used to add computers to the domain, from the domain admin group due to security concerns.  Now when trying to add a computer to the domain using a DS job to put it directly into a Computer_Deployment OU, I get "An invalid dn syntax has been specified." error.  The computer thinks it is on the domain at this point, but the computer account does not exist in AD.  What I have found to fix this is to make another configuration job to remove the computer from the domain (put it in a workgroup) and re-run the job.  It than works without any problems.  This problem is only for Windows 7 x64 computers.  The same job works without any problems when building XP computers.

Here is the layout of my name job:

Modify Configuration: Name = token %SERIALNUM%
                                Workgroup = temp

Modify Configuration: Domain = FQDN/Computer_Deployment.

One note: I can manually add computers to the domain using the same account the DS is using. 

DS 6.9 sp5