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Invalid drive Details. This probably isn't a Ghost image file.

Created: 03 Aug 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment

I'm using Symantec Ghost Corporate Editiion. I am facing a weird problem in restoring images. I have made images with Ghost Cast Server (v. and put some images on the NAS and some on local drives. Now when I am accessing the images which are on NAS through ghost.exe (running thorugh network book) for deploying on clients, there is an error "Unknown image format: code 0: required later version of Ghost". Moreover, when I try to explore that image with Ghost Explorer, it gives an error "Invalid drive details. This probably isn't Ghost image file".


Interestingly when I try to deploy those images which are on my local drives. They went fine with same above-mentioned procedure.


Moreover, those images which are on NAS could be deployed by TFTP server, i.e. if client boot through tftp server then Ghost cast server could push that image on client but clients couldn't pull the images from NAS. If we copy those images from NAS to local then also it doesn't work.

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Same here.  Sorry to see there's no response to this issue.  It sure would help me now if someone had posted a solution.

We've made plenty of good images on our ghost server so I know it's capable of making/restoring from it, but this one ghost image is telling me "Invalid drive Details. This probably isn't a Ghost image file."   It's very frustrating and I've got people breathing down my neck for this data ASAP.  Unsure of how to recover from this data mishap.  The image ghosted perfectly and gave no errors, leading me to believe that it went through okay.  I still sort of think that it did go through just fine but that the problem is something else.