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Created: 18 Nov 2013 • Updated: 19 Mar 2015 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have pc Anywhere version #11. It is on my 2 computer at home and allows me to remotely control my PC at work. My work pc has a static IP address and the connection is made via TCP/IP (whatever that means). The work computer is running Windows XP and my home computer is running Windows 7. Something has happened to prevent login, but I'm not sure what. I had chat support but once they saw the version # they said chat and phone support was no longer provided for this version.

All I needed to do to connect to my work computer was to click on the remote connection and it would take me to my work pc.This was setup back in 2007 but as I had new computer, I installed the program and no issues connecting. The work computer hasn't changed, nor my laptop or desktop at home. It's extremely frustrating since I'm not the most competent person when it come to this type of issue.

The other morning when I tried to connect, it came up with the Invalid Login message.

 I've had this since 2007, never had a problem. Now for some resaon when I attempt to connect I get this message. Symantec pcAnywhere Host Login: Invalid login. Please try again. It comes up with a User Name and requests a password. Never had this happen, and the password I had written down does not work and it takes me back to the same message stated above.

I have tried removing the program and reinstalling but the same message appears even after using the wizard to configure it and changing the password. I've used control panel to uninstall so maybe it isn't removing the pc Anywhere program completely.

 I'm not very tech savvy and Symantec doesn't support this version any longer.

 I'm really not sure how this happened and I'm not sure how to correct it. I've done everything I can think of to try to resolve the problem but I believe I'm missing something. Help would be greatly appreciated.


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Check this articles hope that help

Error: "Invalid login. Please try again" when logging in to a pcAnywhere host

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Hi  Boss302,

PCAnywhere 12.5 built 442 is the last version where PCAnywhere was backward compatible. Now we have PCanywhere 12.5 built 1086 (SP4) which is not backward compatible with older version.

To check the version -> Open PCAnywhere console -> help -> about PCAnywhere -> we can see the version and the built number , that gives the clear explanation.

 In January 2012, Symantec confirmed that pcAnywhere source code was exposed by hackers who posted the code publicly. you can check with the below article for reference,

After that we got the new release SP4 which is 1086. This version is not backward compatible with the older version.

You also check with the below article for compatability, .

Make sure that you have the same built number in both remote and the host computer. Create the remote and host file as directed in the below article's,

As remote and host computers are in different network, make sure that port 5631 and 5632 is  enabled in the router. When you configure the remote file using the host IP address (we should use the public IP address of the host computer).

Let us know whats the status.