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Invariant Country on Patches

Created: 08 Jan 2013 | 2 comments

Ok so I am setting up our PROD NS 7.1 and setting up the patches we had in NS6.

Someone on my team mentioned to not check off the invariant country to save space and have those parts of the patch not replicate out to our site servers.

Is this a good practice? I hit a patch.. MS12-071 that is an IE9 patch and only has Invariant Country patches... Searching here I saw someone post

"This is the normal behavior for Office 2007/Vista/Server 2008 updates; the patches are language-independent almost always."

We do not patch office.. so with that does that mean I need to leave Invariant Patches checked for Vista and Server 2008?


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cparkITSPartners's picture

Not really a normal practice, unless you are limited in space.  The best practice is to limit the amount of products that are downloaded in the import task.  For example, don't download the Google Chrome, or odd Microsoft Server versions that you won't need.  There is more data saving practice in that area.

TeleFragger's picture

the only thing there is if i uncheck the top microsoft level and uncheck other items.. then when new stuff comes out I have to remember to go back in and include them?

I had it setup that way in our dev environment and IE10 is not checked off.. we patch all IE so I would have checked it off making me thing say IE11 comes out.. I have to go in and check it off... 

thanks.. ill dig more into this..

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