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Inventory before backup

Created: 15 Nov 2012 | 7 comments


I use Backup Exec 2012 with a DELL TL2000 Tape Library 24 slots/2 LTO5 drive and i noticed Backup Exec take each tape to 'i suppose' do a kind of inventory before starting the backup. So the job stays in queue for a long time before starting.

Is there a way to avoid such an inventory ?


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What happen if you perform the complete inventory of your library and then run job still issue persist



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It's what i done, i complete inventory then i started backup but each time i can see on the TL2000 web interface that every tape are moved from slots to drive before starting the job ...

Should i schedule an inventory ?

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I confirm that just after "Inventory now" completed, when i start a backup job, each tape are loaded then unloaded ... 

Ths second issue i have following this, is that Backup Exec asks to import à tape but there is plenty of empty tape in it ... I don't understand .

Please take a look at the attached print screen. Thank you.

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You screenshot shows now overwritable tapes, they are only appendable.

Are you are that if a single backup job fills the first taope that it must overwrite the second tape? The append setting is only used for the first tape in a job.

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Hi Colin,

Can you please explain "the append setting for the first tape in a job" ?

I'm not sure to understand well.

Following what you said i scratched my tape and now my backup is running (hopefully)

But using the following print screen can you tell me what can be done with tape in slot 6 and tape in slot 7 for example ? What's the deifference ?

Thank you

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When you write to a tape, you can specify in your job "Append, otherwise overwrite".  This means that your job will append to a tape if an appendable tape is available, otherwise, it will use an overwritable tape.  This is fhe option that Colin is refering to.  You can only append to the first tape.  When the first tape is full, BE will need an overwritabe tape for the 2nd and subsequent tapes.

The tape in slot 6 cannot be be appended to because the end marker is bad, probably due to a job failure.  After the expiry of the protection period, i.e. after 21/12/2012, you can overwriite it or you can move it to the scatch media set make it overwritable immediately.

The tape in slot 7 can be overwritten immediately because it is not longer protected.  

I would suggest that you familarise yourself with the media management section of the Admin Guide.

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Thank you very much for your help, it's now solved.The solution was to "scratch" the tape, all tape was linked to a media set and this was the problem.