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Inventory Licensing Issue

Created: 22 May 2013

While working on resolving the other issues that we have encountered throughout our SMP 7.1 SP2 environment I noticed the following error:

The specified resource failed to obtain a license as license exceeded(Product: Inventory Solution (cd39b720-f871-11d2-8643-00104b74a9df))

However, when I check SIM I can see that there are more than enough licenses (SIM shows 5415/9000 Licenses being used)

But when I look at the LicenseStatus table I see that the LicenseInUseCount shows a number of 9000 whereas the LicensingPolicyUseCount shows 5415.

I believe that this is mistakenly causing the licensing based errors I have noticed. We only have around 5415 Managed Endpoints and I can ensured that none of the Unmanaged Resources are consuming a license.

I was wondering whether anyone has encountered a similar issue? Additionally, it would be great to get some information on what the LicenseInUseCount and LicensingPolicyInUseCount columns mean and what updates them.

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