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iOS7 and SMM for configuration manager - dead MDM product

Created: 02 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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Why there is no agent and support for iOS7 for product Symantec mobile device managment for configuration manger?

Why Symantec decided not to support this anymore? I have to said that this is very disappointing for us.

What to do with new iOS7 devices if you implemeted your  MDM solution  one year ago, and now you have "dead" product, and a lot of devices in the field which can be easily upgraded to new iOS7?

Thank you for explanaition

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The information you're looking for is posted as a sticky thread in this forum.  Here is a direct link which includes resources for how to make your SMM platform compatible with iOS7.

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Hi, I have read this, but I have found some strange issue regarding this.

In post from brownga posted on 30 August, Symantec said that we will need iOS7 compatible SMM MDM agent (for Configuration Manager solution), so we had some expectations that there will be new MDM agent published on App store.

Zajeta slika.JPG, but 2 weeks later on 17 August it was changed to:

iOS 7 is NOT compatible or supported with SMM for Configuration Manager releases.

And there was no announcement from Symantec to customer to preapre or to find other MDM solution to control their Mobile devices on iOS7.  For enterprise company this is large kick in face, because new devices will come with iOS7, and also you cannot block iOS7 upgrade.

Example of good practice: Mobile Iron or Airwatch MDM solution had iOS7 agent published on the day iOS7 was available. Odyssey Software has been acquired by Symantec, but for now this is "dead" product, which is not usable any more! Now new product was suggested (App center-nukona), but the same issue can happen again with this product.

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Yeah we're affected too.  I've been prodding Product Management for an explanation.