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Issue with automated user Assignments

Created: 02 Nov 2011 | 4 comments

Hi everyone,

I use Backup exec option desktop laptop option 2010 R3 and use the automated user Assignments.

I got a big issue with this function, wich allow you to automatically create an account user on DLO with profile if he is on a group in the active directory.

Indeed, when i specify a group when i create a new automated assignment, it don't work and say me "Failed to load configuration settings".

But, if i put "All groups in this domain" instead of a particular group in the active directory, it works fine.

The problem is that i need to put a particular group because we manage profile according to the group in active directory.

Someone got any idea to solve this issue ?

Thank you,

Best regards

LE QUANG Sylvain

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Check the link

Thanks & Regards

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Hi, Thank your reply,

I just write too fast, the error i got is unfindable, impossible to config desktop agent, No user has been found and there is no correspondance with auto user assignment, but i put good group, and there is the good user in the group.

It's this screen that i got :

but if i put all group in domain in the config, it works, it seems that if i put a particular group he find nobody :(

If you have any idea to solve this problem ?

Thank you

Best regards

LE QUANG Sylvain

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Similar cause in a NBU technote & no reason why it cannot be applied here...

Use the full distinguished name of the AD Group...a MS tool "adsiedit" can be used to obtain the full distinguished name...

From that TN -

Then, from within the DLO Administration Console,
1. Navigate into Startup > Automated User Assignments > New User Assignment
2. Select Assign using Active Directory > Configure
3. Click Browse to find the "In (LDAP Directory)" Full Distinguished name
4. Select "Only the objects in this directory that match the criteria below"
5. For Attributes, select memberOf
6. For Condition, select =
7. For Value, specify the Full Distinguished name of the desired group
Example: CN=DLO_USERS_Local,CN=Users,DC=jddlo,DC=com
8. Click OK to save the changes

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Thank you for your fast reply,

Unfortunatly, your solution didn't work, if I use assign using active directory  and config as you said (use browse and full distinguished name taken from ADSI edit).

Even if i just take the root of domain and take all object in there.

I always got the same error : error not specified, impossible to load the config.

It seems this function is bugged or something to config on the server ?

If you have any idea ?

Best regard

LE QUANG sylvain,