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Issue With For Each Element in Collection Component

Created: 01 Aug 2013 | 2 comments

Lately I've been getting this error message on For Each Element in Collection which. I'm running WF version 7.1.1401.121 and I don't know what why this error is occuring. It will generate this error but then if you run the process again it will work. Has anyone encountered this issue before?

Error Message:

you cannot remove a data element that does not exists

Error Stack Trace:

System.Exception: you cannot remove a data element that does not exists at LogicBase.Core.Data.OrchestrationData.Remove(String name) at LogicBase.Components.Default.FlowControl.ForEachElementInList.Run(IData data) at LogicBase.Core.ExecutionEngine.MultiPathProcessComponentExecutionDelegate.Execute(IData data, IOrchestrationComponent comp, String& outputPath, IExecutionEngine engine, TLExecutionContext context) at LogicBase.Core.ExecutionEngine.AbstractExecutionEngine.RunComponent(TLExecutionContext context, IData data, IOrchestrationComponent comp)



Operating Systems:

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reecardo's picture

Have you seen this error occur when debugging?

Aryanos's picture

No I havent'. It's similar to the the 'Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute' errors that we're still having even after putting in the rollup fix. Both are random and it's getting harder to put error checks in to catch these things. Maybe the rollup broke something as I've never seen this happen on that component before.

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