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Issue opening encrypted .CRT Security Certificate

Created: 24 Apr 2013 • Updated: 24 Apr 2013 | 3 comments

Hi everyone,

I recently encountered an issue on one of my encrypted server folders, when I try to open the security certificate.crt file on this encrypted share, I get an error “Invaid Public Key Security Object File, Access is denied” Now… I know the file is not corrupted or blocked since I can open it in notepad. If I manually decrypt the file it launched the normal certificate windows with the option to install the certificate.

My question is, is this normal? and if so, what is the technical reason for this? My guess is that maybe something weird with crypto shell extensions and maybe MS blocks other apps and it isn't able to decrypt before it gets it?

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?


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Strange error indeed.  Is this just on one machine in particular or across the board?

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Also, is this just a single file or multiple files/shares?

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Thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the delay in responding back to ya, been offsite for a few days. The problem is accross the board. Anyone with the PGP encryption enabled get's this same error. It happens on multiple shares as well. Like I said the file can be opened in the text pad with no problems.. it can also be decrypted and opened with no problems. It almost seems like a Microsoft error indeed.

Can you create a CRT file, encrypt it and try opening it?

I'm running desktop version 10.3.0 Build 8741. Server is at 3.3.0 Build 8741. Would be interesting to see results on a older version of encryption.