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issue with ost devices duplicating to tape

Created: 21 Jul 2013 • Updated: 23 Jul 2013 | 7 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a single netbackup domain  backing up to an hp storeonce OST compatible disk device.The storeonce does not have path to tape capability.

there is a secondary OST device at a remote site but in same netbackup domain as AIR not currently supported.

backups will be performed at both sites and cross replicated via OST optimised duplication. Tape copies are also required and the tape library is located at the primary site.

I have setup an SLP which performs a backup to the primary OST device then performs 2 duplications one to a secondary OST device via optimised duplication and one to a tape library at the primrary site.

In order to allow all media servers to have access to both OST devices it is necessary to add the all of the media servers under credentials for the storage servers.

The OST optimised duplication is working fine as is the tape copy however randomly the media server selected to perform the read from the OST storage at the primary site to send to tape is one from the remote site. This means that data is being read across the WAN to rehydrate and then sent back across the WAN again to the media servers with access to the tape library.

Not having the remote media server ticked in the OST source storage unit definition makes no difference as for duplications from OST devices the allowed read media servers are taken from the credentials of the storage server.

Is it possible to prevent the remote media server from being used during the duplication to tape process.

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Can you update you backup domain topology,and SLP detail info?

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Netbackup windows master with 6 media servers. M1 to M4 at primary site and M5 and M6 at remote site. Primary site media servers have access to ost storage server and disk pools. Primary site media servers share a tape library.
Remote site media servers have access to a secndary ost device.

Primary site will backup its local clients to its local ost device. Remote site will backup its local clients to ost device at that site.

Slp used to perform optimised duplication between ost devices and another tape copy at primary site only.

Backup to Ost-stu
Dup to remote ost-stu
Dup to tape library-stu (prim site)

Secondary slp setup for remote site backups similar to above.

As cross site ost replication is taking place all storage servers have to have credential access for all media servers

I think specifying an alternate read server for the tape duplication step may be the answer. The alternate media server would be one from the primary site.

Or perhaps using the touch file


Anybody had experience of either in a similar configuration

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Hopefully you have created hierarchical SLP?  e.g.

Your plan to use alternate read server for the tape duplication should work.

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The duplication steps are at the same level indented below the backup step. This should do an inline copy.

The problem is not the SLP but the fact that ost devices have to be seen by all media servers at both sites when optimised duplication is taking place. If we were not replicating both ways it would not be an issue as only the primary site media servers would require credentials to the primary site storage servers.

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Apologies - I misread your opening post. The tape library is at the primary site (I thought it was at remote site). 

We have added the touch files at customer sites with similar configurations.

I have recently seen another setting posted by mph999. Will search for it and post here...

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Martin's post as promised:

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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Hi marianne

Thanks for the feedback. We had already set this but it made no difference.

The solutions is working now with the touch file I previously mentioned above.