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Issue in Replication between NS with CMS 7.1 SP2

Created: 22 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Hi all:
I'm having an issue in the hierarchy replication.
I have defined a hierarchy between two notification servers with CMS 7.1 SP2 in a test environment, and defined a replication scheduling for both a differential (several times a day) and a complete replication (daily).
This very morning, in my Parent NS,  I created a folder for grouping some new filters, and create three new filters into it. After some time, I saw that the folder was replicated down to the Child NS, but only one of the three filters has been replicated to the Child NS.
I've selected the "Replication Now" option when right-clicking in the Folder (in the Parent NS), I've rescheduled the full replication so that i was executed and let enough time to finish the replication scheduling, and still there is no luck in getting the two missing filters replicated to the Child NS.
At the same time, I've seen the same issue with another folder with seven filters in it I created yesterday: the folder itself has been replicated, but none of the filters has.
As for inventory policies, the behaviour is similar: a few are replicated, but most of them are not.

Can you provide me with any help to get objects replicated properly?

Any help is appreciated.

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What does your Current Replication Activity report look like?  Your Replication Rule and Job Status report?  It sounds like the complete replication didn't complete.

How does the Altiris Log Viewer look (search for 'Replication')?

A screenshot of a replication rule or two would also be helpful.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

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Hi, mclemson:

Thanks for answering. I'll try to get the screenshots an will publish them here.

A thing I've seen is that on the Parent NS, if you right-click on the filter that got replicate to the Child NS, there appears the menu "Hierarchy > Replicate now", but when I right click on any of the filters that don't get replicated, this menu does not appear.

I'll investigate this, and publish my findings in this thread.

Edit1: After looking at the XML from one of the filters that does not replicate, I can see that it includes the following line :


I'll clone the filter, export the filter, delete this line, and import the filter again to see what it happens.

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Sorry for not updating so frequently.

This morning I was able to find time to make some tests, and here are my findings:

  • Some of the filters installed out of the box have the attributes <itemAttributes>NoReplication, Readonly</itemAttributes>. I was lucky enough to find some of them in my tests :)
  • When you clone an "Out-of-the-box" filter, the Readonly attribute is "lost", but the NoReplication attribute is kept in the cloned filter.
  • If you edit and change the "NoReplication" cloned filter, the "NoReplication" attribute is kept in the filter
  • I exported, a "NoReplication" filter, edited it and changed <itemAttributes>NoReplication</itemAttributes> to <itemAttributes>Normal</itemAttributes> and imported it again. The edited version of the filter was properly replicated.

It seems that filters (I guess objects/items in general) with the "NoReplication" attribute are not replicated.

What I cannot imagine is how can a filter get rid of this attribute, from the console, instead of having to export it, edit it and import it again.

In the meantime, I'm in contact with support.

I'll come back as soon as I get any progress.

Kind regards:


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Hi Falquian,

What exact filters are you trying to replicate? Please notice that not every solution in the suite supports hierarchy, and some objects are present in the child servers by the time of install, so that's why they are marked as "no replication", to avoid conflicts with existing objects on target servers.

If you are cloning filters, a good option is to copy the query and paste it into a new filter query, so this new created filter will be ready for replication



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Hi, Santi:

The issue is related to cloned objects not "loosing" their "NoReplication" attributed when you clone the original object.

I've created an Idea asking for this (

Thanks for your comments:


Kind regards:


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