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Issue with SEP 5.1 & EWF filters

Created: 07 Sep 2011

We are currently using SEP Version on HP HSTNC-001L-TC thin clients with embedded XP and every time I try to apply the

new AV signatures the following error is reported: -

Failed to update the AV signature. Please disable EWF and reboot your system

The system was working ok until recently, but we had to reinstall it from scratch due to a previous problem. I have looked in the

following document which suggest that it should work: -

Symantec™ Endpoint Protection for Windows® XP Embedded Administration Guide Addendum

The embedded agent content and policy can now be updated or changed without
restarting or disabling the enhanced write filter (EWF) or the file-based write
filter (FBWF). Content and policies are persistent across reboots, and require
no manual intervention. New antivirus libraries can be added without
administrator or user intervention

But I am unsure if this should happen automatically or what configuration changes need to be made. I am unable to upgrade to a

newer version of SEP due to the memory requirements.

Any help would be gratefully recieved.