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Issues Canceling a Scheduled Download Job

Created: 14 Jul 2008 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 5 comments

I'm experiencing issues cancelling a scheduled download job. Orginally distribution requests were getting stuck, that began occuring a few weeks ago. From what I understood these issues were fixed in 2.1.3 which I updated to on Friday. I canceled that last stuck distribution job and after coming on on Monday I noticed a download job is now stuck. However over the weekend the server LUA is on was unexpectedly restarted, upon logging in again the D: partition which I use for the Temp downloads folder 'disapeared' from the system which Id imagine made the download job stuck at 'commiting updates' status. In any case now I have the drive back up and everything but I am unable to cancel the job, it does nothing after canceling in the Activity Monitor page, tried restarting LUA services leaving them stopped after hitting cancel for a little while etc. Any tips on how can I go about canceling this job? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, have you tried to delete the present schedule and create a new one?

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I did not, I was planning on trying that however the LUA install seemed screwy since I stepped in and started to administier it either way (I ddn't orginally set it up). So it really wasn't the end of the world in this case to reinstall. However if I did deleted the download schedule because a job was stuck and create a brand new one, would simply deleting the old download schedule pretty much 'force' any stuck past download job (that ran because of the old schedule) to cancel?

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Yes we would expect that to resolve the problem


Have you submitted a support case regarding the stuck schedule? It would be helpful to obtain the logs for the problem so that we can analyse

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Well worth knowing, I attempted to but since I'm not an 'authorized named caller' at the moment, which will change very shortly, I was turned down for any help. I'll search around for the logs but after uninstalling Liveupdate Administrator I did manually delete any leftover remnants in the original installation directory. I'm not sure who installed LUA originally here but it definitely was a mess. Those logs wouldn't happen to be stored elsewhere would they? By the way since reinstalling it has been running great, my opinion on the product is slowly beginning to change, no stuck distribution/download jobs all week so far, stuck distribution jobs in particular used to occur very frequently previously, from my understanding those issues were fixed in the latest release.

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Here's how you can gt the logs


Using the built in utility
Type http://localhost:8080/lua/ in your browser