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Issues with End User Pages

Created: 03 Dec 2009 • Updated: 08 Jun 2010 | 1 comment
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 We have a trail Web Gateway Appliance configured.  We are running into a problem on the user end when a computer is put into quarantine that the only thing the user sees is a blank browser or a browser with your normal error that the site can't be contacted.  However, if you look at the properties of the page it no longer shows the URL they tried going to but the URL of our web gateway.  If I try the test site that is in the Manuel we do see the Symantec screen that says the page was blocked.  So it looks like it only is when the system is in Quarantine when the End User page isn't working?

Any Ideas?

Also, is there a way for the system to be removed from Quarantine once they have fixed it on their end?  We can't find any documentation on this product except for the 2 PDF's for setting it up.  Also, under the configuration tab for Client Remediation there are options for Cleaning Application.  When you drop down the menu the first two fields are blank and the third says Other.  In the manual it doesn't really explain how to set this up and why the first two fields are blank.


Kris Turner

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Your first issue sounds odd.  The process that displays SWG user pages is the same for all, so the inability to display one page but not another is unexpected behavior.  I would recommend contacting Support so we can try and troubleshoot the issue with you.

Regarding the second question - You should be able to easily remove users from Quarantine by accessing the Quarantine sub-report from the Infected Clients report.  This report will show a list of users that are Quarantined which can then be removed by checking the boxes and selecting 'Remove Selected Clients from Quarantine'.

Lastly - there were legacy features from the company that Symantec acquired (Mi5 Networks) that contained some Client Remediation options.  Symantec is looking at enhancing and reintroducing these features in future releases of SWG.


Senior Product Manager - Web Gateway