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Issues with Migrating Knowledge Base Articles from HD6 to SD7

Created: 18 Sep 2010 • Updated: 21 Apr 2011 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm having issues with Migrating KB Articles from our HD6 to our SD7 box.

I followed the instructions on how to Migrate KB Articles, and ran into the "No Topics Found for this Category" message, and saw AKB 53082

So, I downloaded this project, published it to our server, followed the instructions in AKB 53082 and started importing our KBs.

It imported every KB that it would (excluding those made directly from documents as mentioned in AKB53082), but none of these KB Articles are complete. It only appears to have imported the Title and the first section of text.

I decided to open the project in Workflow Designer and check it, and the ImportKBText section only appears to grab the very first "div class='articletext' /div" section. This is a major problem, as most of our KBs are using the Question/Answer or Problem/Cause/Solution types. And both types have 3 text sections.

So the migration tool, is ignoring the "div class='ArticleSection'" spots, and the second and sometimes third (on the P/C/S types) of the "div class='articletext'" sections in the KBs.

So, if the KB was a Q/A like:

Question: How do I turn on my PC.

Answer: Push the power button.

The entire KB article that was imported was simply the ArticleTitle and this: "How do I turn on my PC."

Nothing else is imported, so we only see the Question or the Problem section, nothing else. This makes the Migrated KBs useless.

I'm wondering if there is a problem with the project, or if I somehow missed a configuration item when I published the hotfix?

As I'm extremely new to WorkFlow and I'm not sure myself if or how to resolve this issue. In the ImportKBText Workflow section, it only appears to run the process once, and only collects the first articleText section. I can make do without having the Section names such as Question: Answer: Problem: Cause: Solution:. But, we can't use the articles unless it is collecting all of the "articletext" sections in the KBs.

Has anyone been able to successfully Migrate their HD6 KBs into SD7? Does anyone have an idea how to fix this project to get it to work right?

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I was able to modify a KB file from HelpDesk by hand, moving a lot of items around, to get it to parse properly into the ServiceDesk KB using the Migration Tool.

Unfortunately, this is definately not the way someone would like to go about doing this. Hopefully there will be a way to fix this project to get it working properly.

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We were able to select a group of the KBITotalBase articles that were copied over to the SD7 box per the instructions (c:\libraries\articles) to include the \images folder.  As long as they were in .htm format, they imported OK.  The problem I have is now having to manually set the permissions for every single category (adobe reader, adobe acrobat, etc). There does not appear to be a sense of 'inherit permissions from the parent folder' :-(


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I just checked the KB in question and now there is a footnote mentioning there are issues with importing Question/Answer style KB articles.

I mean, I assumed as much, but it's rather disappointing to be right in this situation.

It was updated October 19th.

Also noticed the articles that were imported are still pointing to the old server for the images. I think at this point, we're just going to drop the KB articles out of SD and manually migrate them.

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Apparently they updated it again in Feb 2011, and it appears to pull over KBs without an issue.

The largest problem though caused by this, is that the links, specifically image links are maintained which means it still points to the old server for those images. So when you shutdown that server, you lose those images.