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Issues PXE Booting Startech USB to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Created: 10 Jul 2013 | 5 comments

I am testing a Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook and we have a Startech USB to Ethernet Adapter(USB21000s2) and I cannot get imaging to work on it. It PXE boots but cannot install the nic driver in WinPE and keeps on DHCP retrying. I installed the drivers that came in the cd.

Has anyone had success using usb to ethernet adapters to PXE boot and image?

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First off, make sure you're using Vista drivers, as the WinPE that comes with DS 7.1 (I assume you're using DS 7.1) is version 2.1, which is for Vista.  Grab either the 32- or 64-bit drivers, depending on your WinPE.

I pulled the driver exe down from

From their driver .zip file, I extracted the Windows folder, then ran the exe file (LAN7500-WDF- with the /extract switch.  That extracted all of the Driver INF files.

There were four INF files for 32- and four for 64-bit Windows.  Add them to your WinPE by going to the SMP console (Settings/Deployment/Driver Management).  On the Preboot tab, you can upload them.  Once they're added, go to Settings/Deployment/Create Preboot Configurations.  Highlight your WinPE and select Recreate Preboot Environment (DO NOT click Save afterwards).  After the configuration has been saved, do a Resource Membership Update (delta is just fine), and then go to your deployment site server and update its agent config.  If you open up the Task Manager on the Site Server, you will see Bootwiz.exe running.  Once Bootwiz is complete, try booting your XPS to PXE and see if you get an address.

This has worked for other USB ethernet adapters.  This particular model is not present in my environment.

Another option is that maybe you have the ethernet adapter plugged into a USB3 port, and you don't have USB3 drivers loaded in your WinPE environment.  Try a USB2.0 port if one exists.

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Thanks etk, I did try all the steps you mentioned already and I could load only one driver in that zip file directly intp Winpe, rest all drivers could not be loaded.

Followed instructions here to test drivers.

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What about the USB port?  If it's a USB3 port, then you may not have the appropriate drivers for the controller, even if you have them for the USB card.  I did run into that issue when I was adding a Lenovo USB to Ethernet Adapter to my WinPE install.  I ended up adding the Vista drivers for the USB3 controller, and everything works regardless of what port it's in.

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Thanks etk, I don't see the USB 3.0 driver in WinPE, I am gonna add them and let you know!

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No go even after adding USB 3.0 drivers for the right chipset. What happens is after it PXE boots and its running the scripts, loading the drivers, the lights stop blinking on the adapter.