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Issues regarding pre boot

Created: 04 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

Hi guys,

I have a user who has just advised me that when he powers on his notebook, the pre boot authentication page comes up, he logs in and it accepts his credentials, and then it freezes on a blank screen with six dots in the top left had corner.

He is using Windows XP SP3. And we are using Endpoint Encryption 8.2 MP2. First issue is that after some research I've done, it seems most issues such as this point to the Windows MBR or a physical issue with the disk. Is my understanding correct about this?

Secondly whe the user uses the safe mode reboot option, his notebook loads fine, and he is able to use it normally. I'd like some guidance as what to do? Is it too late to run a checkdsk? The problem I have is that the user wrks remotely so I dont have physical access to the machine.

Thanks in advance,


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The article below states that you can run chkdks (with caveats) from within Windows on an encrypted machine:

The description you've provided certainly indicates non-essential drivers/files are causing the issue.  Was this machine working previously then?  Can you also confirm the make/model, as the last time I encountered this specific error was with a Dell e6420.

SMLatCST's picture that there have been a few hotfixes for 8.2.0MP2 released, as illustrated by the below article:

These hotfix versions are usually only available via Symantec support, so you'll have to log a case to obtain it.