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Issues with restoring a dual boot image with SGC

Created: 28 Jul 2011 | 3 comments


we are trying to restore a dual boot image using a SGC task. The task fails at the post configuration stage as the host is stuck during the reboot at the grub loader.

(We have seen this issue before 2 years ago with w2k3 and redhat 4.6 but the fix then does not work now..)

Enviroment :-

Symantic Ghost Console

Host Dell 1850

O/S  Windows 2008 R2 standard 

Redhat EL 5.5

This is not a dual boot issue as reinstalling grub will restore the machines to a working state.

I am guessing some how the grub partition is being corupted when it is "patched/re-written" via the ghost client to enable the host to be booted into the virtual partition?

Any thoughts on a solution is appriciated


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Console task will alter MBR while creating Virtual partition and restore the same after booting to Pre-OS and so Ghost client should not be installed on multiple boot machines.Please use boot media or the PXE with console is better option.

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We have over 120 other dual boot machies that work fine without using PXE or bootMedia. (also this is not an acceptable alternative.)

So I am aware that the MBR gets rewritten but what we do not understand as to why we have the issue now has somethig changed in REHL 5.5 version of grub that our version of SGC cannot handle?

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So you are asking symantec what REHL changed?  what you should look at is why the other machines were working since they are not supported either from the console.  Figure out why they aren't broken and then you may be able to replicate that.   The console has never supported dual boot because it has the ability to kill the boot loader when it configures the MS os to be bootable after the virtual patition is removed and the boot loader/boot order is rewritten.


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