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Issues with upgrade of CMS to 7.1 SP2

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 20 Mar 2013 | 5 comments

Hello Colleagues!

We've done an upgrade of CMS from 7.1 SP1 to 7.1 SP2 2 weeks ago and still experience many issues.

Every day we found  new and new problems with plug-ins, policies, filters and packages.

At this moment we have these problems:

  1. we have many broken agents;
    1. Some agents raise exception on start;
    2. Some agents have broken plug-ins;
    3. Some agents are started, but receive no configuration;
  2. We have broken plug-ins (Software Update Plug-in, Software Management Solution Plug-In, Inventory Plug-in and etc.)  on NS server (policies with corrupted references, mismatched programs for plug-ins packages)
  3. System policies were duplicated or corrupted.
  4. Some settings were changed to bad values (for example, complete and delta membership update scheduled task has been set to “start every 1 min” )
  5. Some Software products and Software releases are hidden from view page.

Might someone already had experience to get it resolved.

I've searched tons of topics on this forum, but nothing is that match our case. Only part of it, for example:

Any help is appreciated!

Operating Systems:

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andykn101's picture

You need to look at your agent problems first as they can't be resolved just by reinstalling the server. Do you have problems with new agent installs or just agent upgrades?

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jpellet2's picture

My first question is to make sure that you've installed all of the roll-ups as well. Also, during the install, did you run the installation as the service account which runs the NS? If not, then it might be worth a repair while being logged in as that account, then do the rollups (R3 I think may be the latest). Finally check to be sure that you're task server, if you use one, is working as that's where all of the agents and deployments go out through.

sergey.kolomiets's picture

Thank you for reply.

I checked our task servers and they have old version. I updated them and tasks and policies start working.

After this, i reinstall SIM and it prove to be, that some components (e.g. Active Center) is not updated to SP2.

I ran upgrade and reconfigured server with AexConfig /configureall. 

Now all server components are working normally (missing inventory plugin i import as describe here:

Now we have only problem with brocken agent on 6000 clients. Altiris service raise an exception at start and stop working:

Exception - Access Violation: 00000000

Bit Flag: 00000000 (Read Error) - Memory Address Accessed: 00000048 : 063476D8
EAX=00000038 EBX=00000000 ECX=00000038 EDX=06348330 ESI=00B66F04
EDI=0468DA41 EBP=06347B40 ESP=06347B3C EIP=045E4F0D FLG=00010202
CS=001B DS=0023 SS=0023 ES=0023 FS=003B GS=0000
Context Record: 063475C4 Exception Record: 063475C0

Stack Trace
00D6874A (Unknown Symbol) : C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\AeXNSAgent.exe
00CE41D8 (Unknown Symbol) : C:\Program Files\Altiris\Altiris Agent\AeXNSAgent.exe
76470746 (UnhandledExceptionFilter) : C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll
77DA7F02 (EtwReplyNotification) : C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll
77D9374E (RtlInitializeExceptionChain) : C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll

Altiris Agent version 7.1.8280.15280

With best regards
Sergey Kolomiets
Global Delivery Centre (GDC), RussiaFUJITSU
Sibirskiy trakt 34, Kazan, 420029, Russia
Email: Sergey.Kolomiets at

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Is it all clients or only 6000 out of more?

Try puting the agent on a PC out of the box, with the manufacturer's build. I would suspect a conflict with your security software or group policies.

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In case you have Package and Task servers around, check all of them and make sure they are updated. In some environments they didnt get updated even the package server agent upgrade policy was set accordingly. A fix would be to install the updates on the site servers manually. Only then they started to update the packages, which then lets the clients update their plugins.

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