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IT Analytics cubes not processing on schedule basis

Created: 26 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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IT Analytics cube processing not happening on schedule basis. When we do manuall processing at that time only it is processing.

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I use a SQL Agent job to process my cubes for just this reason.  It runs daily in my environment, and rarely (if ever) fails.

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Hi etk1131

Can you guide me on the same

Best Regards

Vikas Jagtap

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Sure, step by step I did this:

  1. Log into Analysis Services on the SQL Server for the instance of your SMP
  2. Expand Databases, then the ITA Folder, then highlight Cubes (if Object Explorer Details pane is not on, press F7 to show it)
  3. In the Object Explorer Details pane, highlight the cubes you wish to process as part of the job (Ctrl-Click will select multiple)
  4. Right-click on the highlighted cubes and select Process
  5. At the top of the Process Objects window, click the dropdown next to Script and select Script Action to Clipboard
  6. Cancel out of the Process Objects window, disconnect from Analysis Services
  7. Connect to the Database Services for your SMP instance on the SQL Server
  8. Expand SQL Server Agent, then right-click on Jobs and select New Job
  9. Add a Name and Description on the General tab, then go to Steps (left side of the window) 
  10. Create a new step
  11. Name the step whatever you want, the Type should be SQL Server Analysis Command, and the Run As should be SQL Server Agent Service Account
  12. Input the name\instance of the SQL server, and click Paste to paste the command you copied to the clipboard in Step 5
  13. Click OK at the bottom, then set a schedule, any alerts or notifications from the page list at the left
  14. Click OK when all is finished

To test, right-click on your new job and select Start Job at Step...  That should take care of it.