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[IT Analytics] Filters not working correctly

Created: 16 Apr 2014 | 1 comment
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Hello everyone!

While working with IT Analytics cube, I've build one view with the following fields:

Computer: name > Computer: Model > Software component: Company > Software Component: Name

See below


Then use a filter in the above coordinate, using the field Software Product: Name

I uncheck the ones I'm don't want (due to lots of information): Microsoft Security Updates and Microsoft Updates and Hotfixes


However, once I unmarked the ones above, I supposed to see the all software except those ones

But strangely, I only see these products as a result:


And this result happens when I uncheck any other

Is this a bug from IT analytics on Altiris Console itself, or should I have a deep look at IT Analytics database and SQL Server configuration?

Thanks everyone

Operating Systems:

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Hi haroldvm89!

  • Eash cube was processed and latest data is available now for these software products? Otherwise, do you have there any data for each software product in SMP/IT Analytics products "Reports"?
  • Did you try to use US language in I.E to perform same actions and check whether it will throw same result or not?



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