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IT Analytics Processing with Shared Schedule Bug?

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Has anyone else tried to use a custom shared schedule that you created for use with the IT Analytics processing task?  At least on my fully-patched SMP 7.1 SP2 MP1 server, only the first run occurs despite my schedule being set to repeat.  I've created shared (repeating) schedules before for other tasks and they still appear to be working as expected so something must be up with how the IT Analytics default processing task calls its schedule.  Sure sounds like a bug to me but was wondering whether anyone else has come across this issue?

Yah I know...I can just set a date/time to repeat but liked the idea that the shared schedule shows up in the Internal Schedules Calendar.  Would be really nice if all schedules set anywhere in the SMC was viewable in the internal schedules calendar to give admins a good idea of what's running when.

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Don't believe this is a bug specifically with using shared schedules now.  I set a weekly schedule (not shared) to repeat starting from this past Sunday, 3/24/13, but the date/time in the "Processing Status" column under the Settings tab for IT Analytics Settings->Processing hasn't changed from the initial run I did about a month ago.  Come to think of it, I had manually ran the cube processing task on the day I originally posted my original message (3/20/13) where the processing date/time didn't change to reflect that date/time.  It took awhile but I did see it complete successfully.

Unfortunately I couldn't confirm whether this is just a display bug where the task actually ran on schedule since it appears my a.logs have been automatically purged (i.e. they only go back to 3/27/13 at this point in time).  Has anyone else seen your Processing Status date/time not change but can verify that your cube processing task actually ran on schedule?


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FYI: Bottom line...found this to be a known issue.  In my IT Analytics Configuration Events report, I discovered that my off-hours cube processing was bombing out when it fired off Patch Vulnerabilities (Description: "The job completed with failure").  This led me to after which I opened up a case with tech support.  They directed me to with the updated SQL stored procedure (ONLY for ITA 7.1 SP2).

Within SQL Management Studio, I executed the script and processed the Patch Management cube which completed successfully.  I left my weekly schedule (not shared) as-is and waited until this week to see the results to ensure that patch cube processing was the only problem.  Happy to say that all of my cubes processed successfully where areas in the SMC that indicate "This cube was last processed..." are now showing my schedule's last date/time of the run without the same "job completed with failure" errors in the ITA Config Events report!