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IT Analytics Report to show Software distribution success/failure rate?

Created: 07 May 2013
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I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion or already created a report that I can utilize in ITA to report back on a policy or task that I have used to deploy a piece of software and get the results.

What I ideally would like to have available to me is something like where it will calculate percent based on just success and failure, also if a failure later succeeds it shouldn't show up in failure.  So success + failure + not run should always equal the target

Software                     Targetted Computer           Success        Failure        Not Run       Sucess Percent

Adobe Reader XI                 1000                              900               50              50                94.7...

If someone has a standard altiris report that will get me by, but I'd rather have it in ITA since I have 2 child servers and they would be both in ITA where the software data isn't being replicated to my parent by default.

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