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Is it logical to create an Incremental backup schedule for a RMAN policy

Created: 03 May 2014 | 3 comments

Hi Guys,

I am planning to create a RMAN policy for DBA's.

I guess one would be Default application schedule which i need to keep 24x7 for user initiated backups.

Then there would be automatic backup schedule for backups to be triggered from NBU end.

Now,automatic would be FULL..right ? Do you think i need to create an Incremental backup schedule too ? if yes,,why ? i guess NBU's gonna pick all the data that RMAN is going to provide to it whatsover.(Full or incremantal data picked would be all).

Anybody shed some more light in DB policy schedules ?

Thanks !!!!!!

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The answer is depend on DBA's planning of how he is going to backup DBs. If he is going to perform level0 everyday then no need for another schedule from NBU side. However, if he is going to perform incremental/cumulative backups and you wnat to configure different retention levels then you need to create two different schedules and have him use those based on a day of the week from the RMAN script. 

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but from NBU perspective,any data picked up will be full coz no matter what fewer bytes of data will be cheanged from DB end it will be picked up by NBU as full ( RMAN set,filelist would be different etc.) isn't it ?

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Slightly tangentially I would advise an upgrade to 7601: it is much clearer and simpler to manage.