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Is it possible perform a restore of a Veritas BE 8.6/9.1 with BE 2012?

Created: 03 Apr 2014 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

I have a customer with old tapes written with Veritas BE 8.6/9.1 that is trying to restore them with BE 2012.

He can import tape but when he is going to perform restore, he says at 0KB data inside that tape....

In general, I'd like to know where I can find information about the ability to restore backups from OLD Veritas BE version with BE 2012: I tried to see in SCL, but I can't find any relevant ifno about this retro-comaptibility.

Any help would be appreciated.



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What do you mean by Import the tape - did you Inventory and Catalog the tape as well? As an Import just means take tape out of the import slot of the library and move it to an actual storage slot.

EDIT: Note we probably don't officially test restoring data from that old a version with the current version, however as the tapes should have been using the MTF format we should be able to read them but there will be some limitations especially if the backups sets contained data that was NOT just files from a volume.

For instance If Exchnage data was involved then the version of Exchange may not be supported by 2012 and potentially neither will the host operating system that the version of Exchange would need to run on.

As a side note and again relating to databsase technologies - as you usually have to restore database content (SQL\Exchnage etc) back into the same version as it came from and may need the same security context in the form of a Domain then restoring an old database might require a lot of pre-steps to build a recovery environment  before you can even think abouth restoring the data you want back.

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Hi Colin,

I try to explain better the use case.

Custmer nneds to perform a restore of a DB EXchange 2003 on a 2003 server with OLD software (this server has been maintained to have an old environement on which perform restores); backup was performed with Veritas BE in 2005, so I suppose with 8.6 or 9.1 version.

Customer performed correctly inventory and catalogue of the tape: you can see it with 4 GB free.

If you click on details of that slot, you can see all info (Name of server, Resource, Backup time, Backup method, storage, expiration) and size equal to 0 bytes.

If we try to do a restore of this tape selecting the proper image, BE presents me related images with 0 bytes.

Finally, I tried to duplicate tape into a VTL, and job was correctly performed, showing me that 124GB were copied; but if I see on detail on this virtual tape, I can see 0 bytes.

What do you think about?

Many thanks,



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I think you need to involve tech support within your region as this is definitely not something that can be investigated via the Connect forums.