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Is it possible to restore archived task items?

Created: 11 Dec 2013 • Updated: 12 Dec 2013 | 6 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


When an ipm.task item is archived it strips away the attachments. What happens or is supposed to happen if I want to restore to outlook this archived ipm.task item that had attachments but are now shown only as links in the task?

It appears to me that it somehow looses the attachments and restores only the body?

This is what happened and I'm trying to understand it:

Client asked to archive also the ipm.task items to release space in exchange - i did.

Client noticed the attachment stripping method and was not happy and asked me to restore the tasks - I did with the export tool and made it to delete the restored items from the archive. But I the box in exchange was not big enough and restoring failed partly. Now there are still some task items in archive 'cause there simply isn't enough space for them in the mailbox in question. The problem now is that there is an item in archive which had attachments but now that the user tries to open the links it only states that "the item is no longer in archive". Is it possible that it some how restored the attached items to outlook but did not do it for this main item? Or what the h*ll happened so that the attachments are gone from the archive?

Can anyone explain this?

Sani B.

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Ok let me know if I understand this correct,

Considering there was a task item in mailbox which was archived, the attachment was stripped and non-shortcut item kept as is in the mailbox. The full item existed in Archive and task body with links to attachment existed in mailbox.

You run the export archive wizard and exported all task items back to original mailbox. Also selected to delete the archived item from archive once it is restored. Export went fine for few items, consider the item which you are looking at is one of them. Once the task item was restored, it deleted the archived item from archive.

Now I am guessing that, you might have a non-shortcut item and restored item in mailbox for the same task item.
If you are looking at the non-shortcut item, the links in its body will not work as you had selected to delete the archived item. What you should be looking at? The restored item. Do you see the restored item in mailbox?

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Actually there is one more detail I failed to mention Task was an email that contained another email where the missing xls files were attached. So it actually is the attachments of the attached email that are gone. Following this? laugh

The archived task left no shortcut etc in the outlook, but it did exist in the archive until I ran the export run. After that - what seem to happened is that the attachments of the attached email are gone...

An email containing files attached sent as an attachment of another email and the email containing the attached email was made to a task and then archived...

Confusing... =)

Sani B.

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Oh and no the task in question did not restore in the export run but after it the links of the attached files inside an attached message were gone. I managed to restore the single task only outlook but it still has no attachments of the attached email...

the first link to open the attached email works and opens the email but the attached files inside that does not... And now the task item in question is not in archive at all anymore 'cause I made the single task export.. (with the tap to delete from archive after succesfull export...)

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Could it be that attached email was already archived (in other users archive) before it was sent and made to the task?

If the email which was attached was not retrieved at the time it was attached to another email then only shortcut body will get attached. And I guess the shortcut body contains the links to attachments.

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It appears that you are a genius! How did I miss that... Yes it seems that the attached email was only a shortcut form so I asked the user to see if the original receiver might still have the original email in his archive... Let's hope he does!

Problem solved - Thousand thanks! =)

Sani B.

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Thanks Sani B, glad to help :)