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Is it possible to restore a BE2003 1st Storage Group/Brick Level mailbox backup with BE2012

Created: 21 Aug 2013 • Updated: 22 Aug 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are working on eliminating all tape backups, switching to using Vault. Anyway, all of our mailbox backups prior to 2007 are Brick Level & show as First Storage Group in BE2012 running on Server 2008R R2.

I have restored the backups from tape & created a duplicate, but when I use BE2012 & attempt a restore the information does not show. For example: After cataloging the duplicate with BE2012, the backup set lists the First Storage Group & shows a size of 60.9GB. Though once I attempt a restore the First Storage Group is listed but shows a size of 0 & no data can be selected for restore. 

I am really hoping that I do not have to setup a "guinea pig" server with BE2003 just to extract these mailboxes. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Create a duplicate job that duplicates the Information Store to disk...then try running the restore again.


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Hi Craig,

When I created the duplicate I did save it to disk.

Additionally, the C: & D: are also on the backups & I am able to restore from both. I have about 30 of these tapes & all give the same result when I attempt to restore from the First Storage Group.

After reasearching I found that brick level is not supported on EX2007 & later. If this is true, then how do I restore?


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1) BE 2012 had a number of changes which means that as a prooduct some discontinued backup types, backed up with older versions of BE would also not be restorable in 2012

2) Also BE has never been able to do restores to a different version of Exchange than the original source (although if GRT had been used the the restore to PST option might have been available to you

2) As you have already found out, newer versions of Exchange do not support Brick level (which is kind of why we stopped supporting it as well)

The suggestion for duplicate the set to disk (I think) would only work with backup sets where GRT was used, as this the recovers the EDB files into the IMG folder, however you did brick level so I believe this idea does nto apply.

As such I think you have to build a recovery environment to get at the data

Which more or less means build a small AD environment (possibly offline from your main network) with the same organization names as the original Exchange setup and the same version of Exchange along with a media server running the same version of Backup Exec and then doing your restores (this is kind of an old school technique that a long time ago, before recovery stoprage groups and/ or GRT technology, was the only way to get back individual e-mails)

Once you have restored the data then use Outlook to extract the required e-mails to PST to move back to your production environment.

This will be a time consuming process (and may need some spare server hardware and the relevant software) - Good luck