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Is it possible to set shortcut expire via EVPM?

Created: 04 Sep 2012 • Updated: 15 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I have a mailbox where the IT team receives alerts and due to high voliume of mails per day we did set the mails which is older than 0 days to archive by using EVPM script. Now the mails are getting archive properly but due to hingh number of shortcuts the mailbox size grows everyday and i would like have 'shortcut Expire' set only for this specific mailbox. Please help me if you are aware of any EVPM script /ulternate methode.

My idea is to set shortcut expire after 30 days.

Thanks in advance!

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No it's not possible to do that.

Best bet is to COPY the archiving policy, edit it to put the new 'number of days'.. then make sure that the only target for the policy is this particular mailbox.


You could do the same but opt to NOT create shortcuts at all.

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If these mails are alerts etc do you need them long term? You could create a retention category specific to this mailbox so that the items are expired after 30 days, and then use orphaned shortcut deletion to get rid of them.

Or maybe you could use exchange to delete the messages for you: a quick search turned up the following:

please note - i have not tried this myself!



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another option is you should be able to create a policy which deletes shortcuts prior to the date of expiry. This is not done via EVPM but could be set up via policy like Rob suggested.

If you still have outstanding needs for this... please let us know that you do and what they are. If the postings above have addressed those needs ... please flag the appropriate posting as being the solution you implentned or post what you did up here and flag it accordingly. Doing so helps to ensure that the resouces helping on this forum are guided to where it is needed most.

Many thanks in advanced!