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Is it safe to create one exclusion for all of my server

Created: 11 Sep 2013 • Updated: 11 Sep 2013 | 5 comments
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On my SEPM, I want to create one group that includes all my server aroun 10 servers.. Combination of SQL , Exchange and AD.

Can I just create one centralized exception for them. Will there be any conflicts if I do so.

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Thank you for posting in Symantec community.

I would be glad to answer your query.

You can do by placing all the server under one group and assign the policy. However make sure first whether it's really needed or not. 

Because SEP makes the necessary exceptions for Exchange and AD servers.

If Microsoft Exchange servers are installed on a computer with Symantec Endpoint Protection client, the client software automatically detects the presence of Exchange. When the client software detects a Microsoft Exchange server, it creates the appropriate file and folder exclusions for File System Auto-Protect and all other scans. Microsoft Exchange servers can include clustered servers.

The client software checks for changes in the location of the appropriate Exchange files and folders at regular intervals. If Exchange is installed on a computer where the client software is already installed, the exclusions are created when the client checks for changes. The client excludes both files and folders; if a single file is moved from an excluded folder, the file remains excluded. 

Reference: About the automatic exclusion of files and folders for Microsoft Exchange server and Symantec products

How to Verify if an Endpoint Client has Automatically Excluded an Application or Directory

About the automatic exclusion of files and folders 

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Yes one policy will be enough.

Policies are applied to groups all the ten servers in that group will take that policy.

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There shouldn't be any conflicts. Just keep in mind some exclusions may not apply to all servers as they may not contain the same files and/or directories. In this case, it would just be ignored.

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If given path is same for all the Servers then shouldn't be any conflict.

What exclusions are going to create there?

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I appreciate all your answers :) I created one centralized exception for 10servers. Those are folders and file paths only. Knowing that it won't create any conflict and that the sep client will just ignore path not found is enough.