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Is it true?

Created: 20 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


I see many advertisements on the Symantec researching more about the product on the internet I found that the site of AV Test for example it shows only 4.5 to 6.0 protection.
This test is performed true? The Symantec support is outsourced really like Kaspersky reports?
I also noticed many people on the internet reporting problems with the enterprise solution seems small viruses that pass through it easily. Is it true?
While we trust that the test is really 4.5?

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Have a look at the more detailed results:[report_no]=121989

These test results are changing over time and are dependent on the quality of the current definition sets.

According to this test, SEP excels in discovering zero day exploits and rootkits and has only minor issues to discover historical malware for June 2012 -- in May it was okay smiley.

See at the competing products, there are fluctuations of the results as well.

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Hello NatanL

One being that partner will always support Symantec. Let's forget my next partner and talk as an IT professional.
SEP is the best in class in day zero, as always launched new bases.
The tests are performed on very existing automated tools and some on day zero. Example: There is one or more host scan codes that pass quietly by Kaspersky Enterprise. I myself have tested this several times.
Not only as Kaspersky, McAfee and others also.
Overview of outsourcing is not a sign of weakness but of speed, outsource specialized staff is a sign of having knowledge and command, for command their own steps and a company that goes hand in hand is to maybe perform such service, though I'm not confirming outsourcing.
For anyone who questions the SEP follows a question, how is preparing his team for a sector against social engineering attacks?
Does the questioner SEP trains constantly "receptionist" so she does not tell the email administration? And if she says the email is that security will hold? Does anyone trains to stick a thumb drive that was in the bathroom on your desktop? I know that SEP holds the outer race are many new enterprise customers.

How is the training of your team NatanL? There is no 100% secure only 99 that Symantec is on the market.
If you empower your staff to educate them digital.
There are many IT professionals who only know the theory are most theorists are questioning why too. I'm not saying you are. After all I do not know if you're an IT professional.
The nice thing is studying the safety, learn how an attack works for you whether defending, defense Symantec understands a lot.
Already in the system awaiting publication the first and second part of the security architecture course that I will teach for free. Join the SEP and he will have a 100% safety.


Fabiano Pessoa

Systems Analyst - Forensic Expert