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The Item is no longer in the vault EventID 6287

Created: 07 Nov 2012 | 5 comments

I'm having this issue with items in my own mailbox as well as others.

Event Log on EV Server (Version 9 )  as below.

Unable to fetch item from "".

Reason: The specified Saveset does not exist. [0xc0041aac]

Saveset Id: 137500000000000~200910150831380000~0~B3EB5C6A6A1844F2B041C02D7AADDE4

Archive Name: Bloggs, Joe Archive Folder Path: ?Inbox?.Current Work?Archive?Work Docs

Reference: [GOAFS]

I've checked the mailbox policy , Shortcut Deletion and we have Delete Orphaned shortcuts ticked.

I also ran the Shortcut Processing on the Archiving Task for my mailbox but there are still lots of items as above.

Any ideas ?


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Does the item belong to you?
Unless its changed, orphan shortcut expiry will only process shortcuts that belong to your archive, so if you have shortcuts in your mailbox that aren't yours, it wont process that shortcut

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I've added the key restarted the Task and manually run the Shorcut processing on my mailbox. Should I see any event log when its finished ?